• SAP Netweaver - SAP Netweaver ABAP/JAVA

    The heart of the SAP system. The SAP Netweaver Application Server is the central component of every SAP installation. All shared services such as user management, authorization management, batch processing, address management, development environments, monitoring, document management and many more generic applications form the stable and scalable foundation for your business applications such as, Enterprise Ressource Management (ERP), Supplier Releationship Management (SRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Global Trade System (GTS) and many more.
    Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge about these core components, we can create the perfect solution for you, no matter whether in one of the business applications or as a development platform for your customer developments. Use one of the best application servers on the market for all of your future applications. Let us help you with our know-how! Enterprise ready, easy to maintain and scalable.

  • SAP Cloud Plattform - SAP Cloud Plattform

    The SAP Cloud Platform resp. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is SAP’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offer. We can help you set up, use and extend the platform with the applications provided by SAP and our very own applications.
    The SAP Cloud Platform is an important building block in your digitalization strategy and provides you with the potential to extend your processes far beyond your company boundaries.

  • SAP Netweaver PI/PO - SAP NetWeaver Process Intergration (PI) / SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (PO)

    SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) / SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (PO) as a central integration system in an SAP landscape is an integral part of our offer.

    We are qualified experts in the following areas:

    • Administration
    • Monitoring
    • Implementation and configuration (mapping, Java, integration to SAP and third-party systems)
    • Operations Support

  • SAP Business Networks - We integrate Ariba, Fieldglass and Concur

    The new components of the SAP Business Network are Ariba, Fieldglass and Concur; in many cases, they allow you to use new functionalities quickly and easily without a lot of implementation effort.
    We are experienced in the following areas:

    • Integration of orders and incoming Ariba invoices via SAP Netweaver Gateway or PI in the SAP standard incoming invoice process, as well as in the AddOn OpenText; from adjustments to customer-specific requirements via user exits to the fully automated posting of incoming invoices
    • Integration of incoming invoices from Fieldglass worksheets via the SAP Netweaver Gateway
    • Concur

  • .NET - .NET platforms and IIS

    We are experts with regard to the set-up and operation of .NET platforms and IIS, also in connection with integrations to SAP and third-party systems, operations support and development organization.

  • SAP Translation Workbench - We can set up your translation workbench so that your applications can be quickly translated into another language.

    SAP software is available in many different languages. However, what about your own developments and add-ons?
    We can support you in setting up the translation and localization environment. The SE63 and LXE_MASTER transactions provide a wide range of settings and configurations that must be made, before translation can begin. We can help you master these challenges, in order to quickly and efficiently carry out the required localization.

    Let us help you with:

    • Installation of and support for the SE63 and LXE_MASTER
    • Evaluation of translation-relevant objects
    • Creation of translation worklists
    • Testing and bug fixing


  • ABAP - SAP ABAP / ABAP OO Development

    All of our employees are ABAP experts with many years of experience; they keep their knowledge up-to-date by working on projects, developing products and training in the newest techonological developments and procedures.

    Comprehensive knowledge about basic functionalities and module interfaces, as well as a range of our own tools and functionalities allow us to implement high-quality applications quickly and reliably:

    • ABAP
    • ABAP OO
    • Business Objects Processing Framework (BOPF)
    • Business Rules Framework (BRFPlus)
    • User-Exits
    • Enhancements
    • BAdI
    • BAPI
    • SAPScript, Smartforms, AdobeForms
    • Dialog/Dynpro-Programmierung
    • Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
    • Business Server Pages (BSP)
    • WebDynpro
    • ABAP-Proxy
    • XML
    • SAP Business Connector
    • RFC, tRFC, qRFC
    • Workflow (process-oriented and Business Rules Framework)
    • Performance optimization, code optimization, redesign

  • SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori - SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori and JavaScript Development

    SAPUI5 is SAP‘s newest user interface technology. SAPUI5 resp. OpenUI5 is a JavaScript application framework developed to create os-independent business applications. HTML, XML and of course, JavaScript are used for development, communication with backend systems takes place via the OData protocol.
    Under the name SAP Fiori, SAP provides many preconfigured applications for use on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or other mobile devices such as smartphones. The coherent look of the apps is possible thanks to responsive and adaptive design that automatically adapts itself to the user interface in use. The launchpad enables you to access the SAP fiori apps. All user interfaces can be adapted relatively easily to your corporate design.

    Our expertise will make your project successful. We have know-how in the following areas:

    • System landscape planning (on-premise, SAP Cloud Platform ( SAP CP)
    • Set-up and customizing of the runtime environment
    • Launchpad configuration
    • SAP Gateway configuration
    • Extension of standard applications
    • Development of customized applications

  • SAP HANA XSA - SAP HANA XS Advanced Development

    With SAP HANA, SAP has created a platform that has an in-memory database, as well as a complete application server and the tools necessary for software development and software lifecycle management.

    The application server that is based on the Cloud Foundry provides support for a variety of programming languages. Apache TomEE and Google V8 JavaScript/Node.js are standard. SAP’s general approach is the development of applications based on Node.js.

    We can help you take your first steps or develop complex apps.

  • .NET - Microsoft .NET Solutions

    We have experience with the conception and implementation of .NET systems, as well as integration with SAP and third-party systems.

    We have technical expertise in the following areas:

    • Programming in C#
    • Web Forms
    • Reports
    • Web Service Implementation
    • HTTP services
    • MS SQL Database

  • Java - Java Implementation

    As an open platform, SAP also supports Java-based applications. The SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Business Connector and the SAP Process Orchestration (formerly known as SAP PI/XI) are Java-based or use Java in part as a runtime environment and development language. We are experts in the following areas and will be happy to support you.

    • SAP Java Connector
    • SAP Business Connector
    • SAP Enterprise Portal
    • SAP Process Orchestration
    • SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

  • Mobile Applications

    Today, when we think of mobile applications, we often think of the many apps that are available for smartphones. However, mobile applications are also often used in a corporate context:

    • Scanner
    • Authorizations via mobile devices
    • Support of sales representatives mobile applications on tablet computers and smartphones

    Let us support you successfully with our know-how

    • SAP ITS Mobile Applications
    • SAPUI5/OpenUI5
    • Java/RFC Connectors


  • SAP HANA - First a database, then a platform, now the basis for the SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA)

    Let us support you in the following areas:

    • SAP S/4 HANA
    • SAP HANA Database
    • SAP HANA Cloud Plattform (HCP)
    • SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)
    • Core Data Services (CDS)
    • SAP HANA XS Advanced

    Precise knowledge about the standard functionality, extension possibilities, interdependencies relationships, as well as technical know-how allow us to recommend and implement the solution that is best for you.

    • Migration
    • System launches, extensions
    • Process consulting and conception
    • Application support
    • Training
    • Support

  • SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori - Fresh user interfaces that are device-independent and process-oriented

    We can support you in implementing a UI and mobility strategy that fits your individual requirements.

    • SAP UI5/Fiori landscape planning and installation
    • SAP UI5/Fiori in the Cloud (SAP CP)
    • Interfaces and integration

    We have the answers to your questions.

  • SAP Business Suite - The “digital heart” of your company. We are experts on its standard functionalities and have the technical know-how to implement extensions.

    We can support and asisst you in a wide range of areas:

    • Financial Accounting (FI)
    • Controlling (CO)
    • Sales and Distribution (SD)
    • Materials Management (MM)
    • Quality Management (QM)
    • Warehouse Management (WM)
    • Plant Maintenance (PM)
    • Customer Service (CS)
    • Production (PP, PP-PI)
    • Human Resources Management (HR)
    • Basic, Cross-Application Components (CA)

    Precise knowledge about the standard functionality in the SAP Business Suite and technical know how allow us to recommend and implement the best possible solution for you.

    • System launches, extensions
    • Process consulting and conception
    • Application support
    • Training
    • Support

  • SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM/SUS) - We have comprehensive knowledge about the entire range of functions available in SAP SRM and Supplier Self Service.

    We are experts with regard to the entire range of functions available in SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Supplier Self Service (SUS).

    We have introduced SRM processes, implemented add-ons, developed optimizations of standard functions, as well as carried out upgrades and system migrations (for example, standalone SRM after SRM One Client) in many past projects.