Quality Management

Trust is Good, but Control is Better

Whether investments pay off in the long term is a question of quality management. The documentation and control of processes and process improvements is an elemantary part of every software project. At least, that’s the way we see it. 

What is a matter of course in production, is not necessarily a given in software projects: the constant comparison of results with formalized quality standards. For us, quality management is an integral part of every project. This means defining binding framework conditions from the start at project conception and making sure that these conditions are adhered to in the course of the project. This doesn’t mean just checking the developments, but also checking the processes. Documentation is not a downstream task for us, but rather one of the most important factors in a project.

Our Services:

  • Testing: the creation of test plans, planning and execution of systematic unit, integration and end-to-end-tests, preparation and monitoring of user tests, performance and stress tests
  • Implementation: development organization with regard to your company’s specifications, creation of development guidelines and naminng conventions, transport and release organization
  • Documentation: technical documentation, user documentations, process flow descriptions, change documentation
  • Modifications/enhancements: verified procedure for documenting and monitoring modifications/enhancements to the SAP standard; our module allows you to control, find and document the respective objects via a central point within the SAP system

We can help you reduce your software maintenance costs and avoid mistakes before they jeopardize your production. Just ask us, we will be happy to consult you.

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