Process Consulting

Stay on Track

We believe “the path taken is the goal”. When dealing with complex tasks, such as process analysis, choosing the right path to take is half the battle, but this decision depends on many different factors. We can help you stay on track.
Sometimes, improving existing processes or implementing new ones seems like a mammoth task. It is therefore crucial to have a clear understanding of the individual steps that always follow the same pattern: the definition of a requirement triggers a process for a specific task. Then, the fine-tuning takes place and finally, a solution is found. Only then, can the second step be tackled.
An important criteria for the success of every task, is the ability to mirror the actual processes in an IT system. We can help you determine which process optimizations are possible for your existing system – and where you may have to revert to additional hard and software. The final product will be a business concept containing detailed process descriptions that has been tested with regard to its feasibility. With it, your IT projects will become clearer and more tangible.
Our customers have confidence in our consulting skills and our expertise; for analyses, the development of requirement profiles, profitability analyses or a proof of concept. They also know that we know where are limits are. We would love to take on your project – but we can also help you find the right service provider for your requirements.

Our services:

  • Process analysis: we will record and document existing processes in cooperation with your employees
  • Process design: we will describe each individual process and its dependencies; this will help identify potential weaknesses
  • We will compile a list proposals for optimization and automation
  • We can provide support in the following areas: finance and accounting, controlling, sales, materials logistics, quality management, maintenance, customer service, production and purchasing
  • We have special industry-specific knowledge in the fields of the automobile industry, banks and insurance, the service industry, health care, the food industry, machine and plant engineering, media, the pharmaceutical industry, public utilities, commerce, telecommunication, the software industry, energy suppliers and utility companies

Contact us. Our consultants look forward to hearing from you.