Application Management

Concentrate on What Is Really Important

Don’t waste your time with system maintenance, when you could be taking care of your customers. Let us take over your service and maintenance tasks, while you deal with what’s really important.

Providing comprehensive support for SAP processes is a very time consuming task. Those in charge of the IT department rarely have time for this on a day-to-day business – and why should they? Their tasks are support, further development and innovation. Doing justice to all of these tasks and, at the same time, sufficiently developing the SAP system is practically impossible.

That’s why Shore Consulting offers application management as a service for indivudal processes or even entire modules. We can support your key users, eliminate malfunctions and inform you about the optimization potential of your modules and processes.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Assistance in the case of malfunctions
  • Solution proposals to match your requirements
  • Individual support for your employees
  • Application-specific monitoring

Profit from the know-how and experience we have gained from projects with many different customers and processes. Thanks to our committment and expertise, we can guarantee short response and resolution times.

Stay at the forefront! Let us help you be a leader in your field! Our offer:

  • Assuming process responsibility for your SAP processes
  • Qualified SAP experts for your requirements
  • Transparent costs and security of investment through economies of scale
  • State-of-the-art know how
  • Additional resources or applications, quick and flexible
  • Consulting and support for your users
  • One-stop consulting and development

Contact our consultants. We are available for all your questions.